Condition Report in detail

the Condition report

What is it?

  • A clear and concise ‘snapshot’ of the condition of the property you’re thinking of buying
  • A summary of the main risks associated with the purchase
  • A survey report that provides important guidance at an affordable price
  • Your survey report, prepared independently for you, not your lender.
  • It will suit newer (built after 1980) properties, in a reasonable or good condition.

A Condition Report is a short, surface-level inspection of a property to highlight any obvious defects. It will help you to be aware of issues before committing to the purchase. It is the cheapest but most basic type of survey available.

the survey

This service is designed for clients seeking a professional and objective report on the condition of the property at an economic price. As a result, it is less comprehensive than survey level three.

This level of service includes a visual inspection that is less extensive than for the other survey levels. No tests of the building fabric or services are undertaken. The report objectively describes the condition of the building, its services and the grounds. It highlights relevant legal issues and any obvious risks to the building, people or grounds.

the report

The report objectively describes the condition of the building, its services and the grounds. It highlights relevant legal issues and any obvious risks to the building, people or grounds.

The report is succinct and provides an assessment of the relative importance of the defects and problems. Where our surveyor is unable to reach a conclusion with reasonable confidence, a recommendation for further investigation will be made.

A survey level one report does not include advice on repairs or ongoing maintenance and this, combined with the less extensive inspection, usually means it is better suited to conventionally built, modern dwellings in satisfactory condition. It will not suit older (built before 1980) or complex properties, or those in a neglected condition.

ppm surveys

In Dutch MJOP (=Meer Jaren Onderhouds Programma) 
Essential for appartments.



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If you have commissioned a Building Survey then you can request this. We can only offer this by prior arrangement as we have to make sure the vendor is content for this to happen — sometimes they say no — and we also ask for payment before the survey. Please ask when you book your survey. We will give you a time to meet us, which will usually be towards the end of our survey. Any earlier and we won’t be able to tell you anything substantive — please note that we cannot do our job properly if you stay for the whole inspection as it is distracting and prevents us from giving you the best service. We find that usually around 20 minutes is enough for us to explain our findings to you.

The length of time the inspection takes is dependent on the size of the property and the extent of any defects that may be identified. For guidance, an inspection of a typical three-bedroom house in reasonable order may take several hours. Larger properties and properties with multiple defects will take more time. For very big houses two surveyors may work together.

We try, wherever possible, to dispatch our report a day or so after the inspection. Building surveys in particular are often 40 or 50 pages long and are all individually written so this takes time. If required, a brief verbal report can be made available upon receipt of payment.

We are confident in our abilities.

However, our surveys do have ‘get out’ clauses, but we do not hide behind them. Our surveys are always definitive. Basically, we’ll report on what we can see and not on what we can’t. We can’t guess, but we can give a considered opinion.

Our small print will be written clearly, is easy to understand and we stick by our quoted fee.

Check our Survey Terms and Conditions.

Absolutely not! A mortgage valuation is just that, a valuation of the property commissioned by your mortgage or loan lender, and written purely for their benefit to assess the risk of their loan against the resale value of the property.
A survey is written for you as the prospective buyer (or home owner), to give you the best possible assessment of the property’s condition, required repairs and maintenance, etc.