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We offer you the chance to have our surveyor walk you through the survey, on site, clarifying technical details which may be misleading when read in isolation. We have developed a reputation in the area for providing expertise as property surveyors.

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As an expat with limited understanding of Dutch, buying my first property in the Netherlands, I found the service provided by Wilm to be excellent. Wilm took the time to explain each step of the process clearly and answered my questions as we went along. He was meticulous, pointing out details that would otherwise have escaped my attention and the detailed report provided gave me the assurance I needed to proceed with the purchase. I highly recommend Wilm to anyone looking for a reliable surveyor for a new property.

Karl Hamilton

Wilm performed the building survey for us on our first own property. His professional and timely work, including a very detailed report, gave us confidence in our purchase and made the process very straight forward. He was very friendly and happy to help with any questions we had and we would highly recommend his services without hesitation.

Pascal D

When we bought our house in Amsterdam, we used the services of Wilm Snellenberg & Associates. They completed a detailed building survey, and paid a lot of attention to detail. They also answered questions we had to our satisfaction. As a result, the transaction proceeded very well. I highly recommend them to prospective home-buyers in Amsterdam!"

Bilal Aslam

The surveyor did a good job on pointing out if and problems were at the property we were buying.
We acted on his report, which resulted in us getting a reduction of €8000 off the sale price of the property.
Can you thank the surveyor for a job well done from us.


After spending just under €500.00 on this survey, I must say it was money well spent. We reduced our offer substantially due to the report. We let the estate agent and the Vendor see a copy of the report ad they agreed to our revised offer. Thank You WS&A.

Joyce Boothe

Really impressed with survey on my new home. Took 1 day to get report back which was very thorough and able to get work done before we move in. Would definitely recommend


I used WS&A. They responded very quickly and gave a quote which was very reasonable. The surveyor called me after the survey and discussed his findings. I now understand all the faults at the house, and he saved me from making mistake. They are very professional and I would like to thank them for their expert service, and how quick I got report back.

Steve J

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buying should be safe and fun

Buying a property without a building survey is a risky investment, even if it’s a bargain. So, make sure that the house is sound, so your investment is safe. Or know whether any repair work is needed. As a result of the survey, your eyes will be opened in time.
With this knowledge, you will enjoy the property much more. 

With industry press recently reporting that unexpected repairs cost homebuyers on average almost € 7.000 and with only half of NL homebuyer’s getting a survey, the remainder are at risk of finding hidden and often expensive horrors.

we can help

We can help you with our various types of building surveys and valuations. Which building suits best the property you want to buy? You will find it on this website.

Wilm Snellenberg & Associates are experienced, independent surveyors based in the Amsterdam area. We are leading English speaking residential property surveyors in the area. Offering a range of valuation and property survey services, designed to suit all manner of properties.

Our professional but friendly approach to surveys, or the “building health check” will remove any uncertainty. We’ll supply you with a report written in plain English to reduce the risk of frustrations when you’re sitting at home, interpreting or translating the findings.

In conclusion: having a purchase building survey carried out can save you thousands of euros in the long run, giving you peace of mind at a time when you need it. Buying a house might be single largest purchase you make. Therefore, remove the uncertainty with reassuring, qualified advice.

Did you know ...

Did you know that as human beings we spend up to 90% of our time inside? Either in our vehicles or in buildings – much of this, we spend in our homes.
This means that our homes are likely to be having a significant impact on our comfort, health and wellbeing.
But how aware of this do you think people are generally?